From humble beginnings in Hong Kong in 2015, today, we serve clients all over the world. Perfection, quality commitment, integrity, teamwork, fair trade, a will to achieve - this is what drives us. We forge strong relationships with jewellers across the world, advancing our commitment to creating the finest diamond jewellery with the highest quality materials at the best prices. When you partner with AARA, you gain access to world-class craftsmanship at affordable prices


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AARA has consistently remained faithful to the values of creation, professionalism, and nurturing relationships in every creation. While our dedicated craftsmen and designers create a balance between modern and classic designs, our expertise ensures economic value for partner jewellers.

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The Man Behind The Vision

Bhavesh Gorasiya


Bhavesh founded AARA Jewellery in 2015 after exploring international technical and design techniques from Hong Kong, the Middle East, and India. He believes that memories, relationships, commitment go beyond the sparkle and glitz of every piece of jewellery. Keeping art and beauty in the centre, he is committed to creating masterpieces with passion and exquisite craftsmanship.

Creating Jewellery Sustaining Relationships