Why Aara

Leading from the Front

After more than 15 years of living and breathing diamond jewellery as a designer, manufacturer, and wholesaler, I believe that every single piece my company produces holds so much more meaning beyond the sparkle and glitter on the surface.

Memories, relationships, celebrations, commitment - this is what truly lies beneath every piece of jewellery my company creates.

It isn’t just diamonds that last forever, but the memories that are attached to every single piece we produce.

We believe design is an art, and – as with all art – an endless imagination is needed to create masterpieces. Art is at its best when imagination is combined with passion and quality craftsmanship.

I learned this business at the feet of masters across Mumbai, Hong Kong, and the Middle East, honing my technical and design skills while gaining an understanding of what truly makes this industry turn: relationships.

The industry is only as strong as the bonds between designers and manufacturers and the retailers they work with.

AARA is a constant presence at major trade shows across Turkey, Italy, Hong Kong, Thailand, and India, where we nurture close relationships with our clients from all around the world - identifying their needs and working with them to source and create incredible pieces their customers will love.

Our extensive network and strong relationships gain us access to the highest quality materials at the best prices. We then pass these savings on to our clients.

Our core set of values is what drives us - informing every decision we make and every piece we create. These values are:

  • PERFECTION: Our products are designed to last a lifetime and beyond, which means everything must be of the highest standards possible.
  • QUALITY COMMITMENT: Our clients’ reputations hinge on the quality of our work, so we must always meet, and exceed, their standards.
  • INTEGRITY: We are, at all times, faithful to the values of creation, expertise, and trade in our operations. We believe in a fair price for our clients— underpinned by outstanding craftsmanship and service.
  • TEAMWORK: Our highly-skilled team thrives in a culture of ideas and collaboration.
  • A WILL TO ACHIEVE: We never stop learning and are constantly improving our processes.
  • FAIR TRADE: We believe in total transparency in our dealings and relationships.
  • IDEALISTIC: Art, design, and beauty are the passion that fuels our business.

If you need a jewellery manufacturer, designer, and wholesaler who put beauty and art at the center of everything it does, to the highest standards, at a reasonable price, we can help.

My Journey My Passion – AARA Jewellery

AARA Jewellery is a labor of love and the embodiment of commitment to the finest diamond creations.

When you own an AARA piece, you can rest assured you are holding something of the highest quality that will last a lifetime.

AARA was born in August 2015, following a decade-long journey of honing our craft.

We started small – manufacturing in Hong Kong – but our success was such that we scaled up and relocated our operations to India in less than 18 months.

Today, AARA serves the world, with clients in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the US.

We cherish our client relationships because most are just like us— hard-working families with a passion for art and helping people make memories.

Their problems impact our business too, which is why we place an enormous emphasis on collaboration.

When you partner with AARA, you don’t just gain access to world-leading craftsmanship at an affordable price. We help provide solutions to common industry problems, including:

  • Non-moving inventory: This is a perennial battle for all jewelers, but our work is always in high demand and doesn’t last long in stores.
  • Keeping up with new trends: The jewellery world is a delicate balance of classics and cutting edge designs. Our team does both - perfecting the in-demand classic designs as well as letting our creativity take over to stay trendy.
  • Marketing cost blow-outs: High-end photography and graphic design can cost too much and eat into profit margins, which mean many jewelers struggle to market effectively. Let us provide you with high-definition photographs, layered, customizable graphics for social media, and 360-degree videos of our products.
  • Repeat business: Many jewelers struggle to find repeat business. However, our designs are so sought-after that clients find their customers come back for additional AARA pieces.

If you’re looking for a diamond jewellery producer who can solve your problems and deliver high-end art, please get in touch.