Superior quality and handcrafted modern touch since 2005, AARA JEWELLERY’S craftsmen indicate their Skills and capability with a passion.

From the beginning AARA has always remained faithful to the values of creation, professionalism and transmission. Beginning of 2017 AARA JEWELLERY established as a dedicated manufacturing facility in INDIA on a large scale. Our team of craftsmen sharpens their skills, mastering innovative techniques such as micro setting, précised channel setting, wax setting, CAD-CAM Casting, High end technology machinery operations, etc. Thanks to all our designers also for their passion and commitment to their art, culture and fresh perspective. Our Founder Mr. Bhavesh is aware of the importance of design and setting from the beginning in market. He sent number of skilled craftsmen to China-Hong Kong to learn the latest setting techniques and finishing in diamond jewellery, using the experience and knowledge they brought back he spent weeks and months to become one of the finest manufacturers in India.